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When a guy says i find you very attractive

What are the signs that he finds you attractive? We know you might be analyzing every text he sends. How do you know if a guy likes you or not? When you meet someone for the first time or the second, from online dating at Bonfire, some clues will let you know what a guy is thinking.

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Is "attractive" a bad compliment?

Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. All Topics. Type your question. Enter more details. He's said sexy a few times, beautiful maybe once. To be fair, he refers to other women as "attractive" to, it's like his go to compliment. Why "attractive"? It's so bad!!! Delete Report Edit Lock Reported.

Respond to Anonymous:. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. Hierophant Send a private message. Are you really nit-picking the way he compliments you? This is a reason! Don't be that girl Kingslayer Send a private message.

Haha he's nicely calling you just good enough. How do you compliment him? Dump him because he doesn't know how ass kiss properly lol. This reply is hidden because of its low rating. Click here to show. Kingslayer : Then everyone's "just good enough" cause that's how he refers to every "attractive" female. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. Anonymous : Yeah--you just happen to be the one he's bonin. Americanguy1 Send a private message.

Kingslayer : Maybe he's honest. Do you have a pic. The poor guy cannot win! Are you the same one who posted about voluptuous yesterday Anonymous : Yes It does answer the question Its the same trolling way you posted yesterday just a different word. Not everything that seems like a troll thread, actually is.

This is a legitimate concern of mine. If you can't be helpful, why bother? He is restraining himself. If he called you gorgeous, heart stoppingly beautiful, you would think you have a hold over him, and would take him for granted and would not try in the relationship. Men are coached not to compliment women.

There is always some way to misread any compliment. In fact, the better looking she is, the less you should recognize it. Attractive is positive, although not head over heels positive, like you are looking for. My feelings are wow, this is what you complain about?

What happens when you have real problems and issues as a couple to work through? Doesn't every woman want the man that she's with to think that she's beautiful?

Anonymous : Oh he does think you are beautiful, but from what you have said so far. It would be wise to handle you very carefully.

Best not to stick your neck out. Early on, it is best to make sure she is attracted to you, which is not necessarily the same as comfortable.

Rick Send a private message. Maybe not your preference of word, but it's not "bad". Cynicus Send a private message. About as bad a compliment as "intelligent". He just says "attractive" to not sound like a drooling lunatic who'd rather die than not be graced with your existence. What compliments do you usually pay him? Cynicus : Sexy, hot, handsome, cute. All kinds of things. Never attractive That's not even a real compliment lol. Anonymous : To each his own. I'd take "attractive" as a compliment if it was addressed to me.

Then again, I don't consider myself unattractive. Supervillain Send a private message. I've been called very attractive by a lot of women.

I never took it as anything but a compliment. In fact I like hearing this over "cute", "hot" and totally offensive "sweet". You could be called ugly instead I deserve better than attractive.

Anonymous : Sounds like he deserves better too. You should dump him for this, because he will never be able to please you, or meet your expectations a. Because I get better compliments from strangers? Anonymous : i think you;re using someone elses opinion to boost your own confidence. Anonymous : Because you can't handle him not thinking how YOU want him to think.

Edited on January 18, at UTC by the author. And what man doesn't want to be with a woman that he thinks is beautiful? There's nothing wrong with knowing you're worth. I know that I'm beautiful. Anonymous : Print out a list of positive, negative, and neutral words that can be used to describe appearances, with them all mixed up. Give him a pencil and say "check all that apply" to me What purpose would that serve? Anonymous : Maybe he can circle enough good words to redeem himself HikerVeg Send a private message.

Anonymous : There is such a thing as having too much confidence. I am afraid you may fall into this category. You can't take "attractive" as a compliment because you deserve "beautiful.

Then problem is solved for you. HikerVeg : When random people call me beautiful, why should it be acceptable for my boyfriend to just call me attractive? Anonymous : Why is it acceptable for you to dictate the manner in which he compliments you?

That's being pretty controlling. HikerVeg : That wasn't my point lol. I was saying my boyfriend should compliment me better than random people. Anonymous : Then go date one of those random guys. I am sure once you cut your guy loose, there will be plenty of easy going ladies who will snatch him up.

And you can find someone who better meets your standards. Pretty easy problem to solve! Sterling Send a private message. Anonymous : You say that you know you're beautiful. I suppose to a very select few that insecure and crazy could be beautiful. Good luck finding them. Sterling : You don't even know what I look like, so you can't really judge my beauty.

15 Signs He Finds You Attractive — Body Language Clues

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Top definition. Something or someone that is very appealing , nice to look at, and you wish you could have it. Linda is so attractive, I want to marry her.

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“You guys, this isn't funny,” said Travis. “You guys are full of it,” Travis said. I'd been drinking a bit myself, and I have to admit that I find you very attractive,  Jeff Strand - - ‎Fiction.








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