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How make a girl want you

What if you knew exactly what women wanted? How to make them desire you intimately and how to make a woman want you sexually? For the most part, men may think that they need to be the hottest guy, have tons of money, or treat them like shit. I am here to shed some light on exactly what women want as I am a woman myself and I have worked with hundreds of women in terms of what they desire in men!

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: 6 Psychological Tricks to Make ANY Girl Fall in LOVE with You (Make HER Chase YOU)

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: 7 Psychological TRICKS to Get a Girl to Chase YOU!

How to Make a Girl Want You Badly

Ever find yourself wondering just how to make the women you want want you? The truth is, making women want you isn't as Herculean an undertaking as you might think from watching TV and the movies.

You don't have to win a race, or make a million dollars, or give yourself a makeover although if you can, don't let me stop you! But you do need to have somewhat of an idea of what you're doing -- of what women need -- and of how best to give it to them.

If you're a regular guy living a regular day-to-day life, you'd be forgiven for thinking that women are busily immersed in their own lives and hardly ever notice anyone or anything else. But the fact is, women are just like men -- they have crushes, they get infatuated, someone with the right looks or qualities or intangibles catches their eyes and they fall for him. And it isn't just male models that women fall for.

Just like it isn't magazine celebrities you spend most of your time sweating over, dreaming about, and imagining a romance with, so it is with women -- they aren't dreaming about guys on reality TV; they're dreaming about real men, in their own real lives.

Making women want you, then, isn't about becoming the most amazing man in the world. Instead, it's much more about becoming the most amazing man in the room -- and if you've got even a semblance of a commitment to self-improvement, I'm quite confident we can get you there For that reason, I've put together 10 killer tips to make women want you. By the end of this post, I'm betting you'll find yourself glancing at that cute girl you keep running into with a new twinkle in your eye -- and I bet she'll be looking back with a twinkle of her own.

Making women want you isn't just good because it helps you get more girls. It's good because it makes it easy to get more girls.

Everyone gets into learning how to pick up girls with somewhat different objectives. For some guys it's to get a girlfriend.

For other guys it's to get good with women in general. For me, getting better with women came with one big objective over all others: make getting girls easy. Why that goal? Well, I'm not always going to have a lot of time on my hands. And I'm not always going to have a lot of willpower to steamroll through tough situations with difficult women. And I'm not always going to be on the top of my game, with the sharpest wit and the fastest mental footwork.

Sometimes I'm going to be tired; sometimes I'm going to be out of it; sometimes I'm not going to have a whole lot of time. And the easier you make it on yourself to be successful with women, the more consistency you'll build into your game and the less the crests and troughs of your own personal variability will affect your outcomes. In other words, the easier it is for you to succeed with girls, the more success you're going to have with girls.

For that reason, I prioritize making things easy above pretty much all else. And when it comes to making things easy, learning how to consistently, reliably make women want you does a better job of this than well nigh anything else. In fact, I'd rank these factors, by order of importance, the top ones for making it easy for you to find success with women:.

The first and third are pretty straightforward; if you talk to lots of girls, and you push to close while the escalation window remains open instead of just letting a girl walk away like so many guys do -- especially when you know she likes you and wants to be with you!

Mix that in with being a man whom women want, and you've got a recipe for succeeding with women that'll turn your pals green with envy. Of course, of those 3 factors, "making women want you" as a goal feels a little ephemeral. How exactly do you accomplish such a feat? As you might have realized, I don't place nearly as much emphasis on confidence, "inner game," or any such things as most folks in the dating arena do.

You know, things like:. Aside from reminding you to not be bitter and to think of yourself as a romantic man , I tend to avoid talking about what's going through your head pretty much at all.

Unlike all the "think the right things, and everything'll work out! Aside from the occasional kick in the butt to get you going, or relating the occasional experience of mine to illustrate that whatever crazy thing I'm proposing you do actually does perform in real life, I tend to stay away from trying to "build your confidence. So, that said, I think with making women want you, attitude is actually quite important. I'm going to give you a list of steps you can follow and start implementing that are going to put you well on the road to getting women to desire you, but that's going to go a lot more smoothly if you're coming at it from the right direction.

I've heard guys give this advice before, and I think it's potentially frustrating for some guys because they don't know how to see themselves that way. I've personally never really struggled with seeing myself as a guy that, of course , women want in their lives, but I know a lot of guys do.

So, first, here's why I think this mentality helps a lot:. If you have trouble relating to those last couple of bullet points, that means you're not feeling like a guy that women would really, really love to have in their lives and would actively want and chase and pursue.

You'll still be able to start doing most of the tips I'm going to give you to help you make women want you, but you'll have an easier time of it if you're able to start realizing what you bring to women's lives first. What that means is, if you ever start feeling like you don't have much to offer a woman or start wondering why a girl might want you, stop and ask yourself if you can provide a better experience for her than the majority of the average, ordinary men she's experienced her entire life.

Because I'd be willing to wager there's a very good chance that she's never had a man who's been self-improvement focused like I'm guessing you are; she's never had a man who actually sat there and put in the time to use tools like this blog, my ebook , and just generally systematically improved himself at understanding and working with and satisfying women like you are right now. Regardless of how you think she perceives you there in the moment, there's a good chance that you're going to be able to provide her the most memorable, incredible romantic and interpersonal experience of her life.

Keep that in mind any time you start questioning whether a woman could or should want you. That last section considered, women aren't going to just automatically want you because you'll provide the most amazing experience of their lives. They don't know you will, and in fact every guy they meet is trying to convince them that he's going to be an amazing experience, despite the fact that most men are really quite ordinary. What that means for you is that it's your job to make women want you if you really want them to experience what you can bring to their lives.

So, let's get to our tips, and let's make making women want you a lot easier than it might've seemed before. Combined with a solid knowledge that women should want you, your use of these tips for making women want you will help you produce experiences with women that neither they nor you will soon forget. At that point, how to make women want you stops being something you try and figure out -- and instead, something you just do.

Chase woke up one day in tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends plus plenty of failures along the way , he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System. Skip to main content. Attitude's Importance: Women Should Want You As you might have realized, I don't place nearly as much emphasis on confidence, "inner game," or any such things as most folks in the dating arena do.

You know, things like: " Just be yourself , it'll all work out! What's that direction? It is, put simply, this thought: I want women to want me because of what I bring to their lives. So, first, here's why I think this mentality helps a lot: If you know you're a boon to women's lives and experiences, you look at them and talk to them quite noticeably differently confidently, assertively, and sure than guys who think they're a drain on women's lives and don't offer much shyly, downcast eyes, etc.

For that reason, let me ask you the following questions: What value do other men bring to women's lives? Alternately, what is it that women want from men -- why don't women all go join convents and take vows of celibacy? Can you, right now, do a better job of giving women those things they want than the average guy? If most of the men a woman's dated or slept with have been average men and trust me That last question is the most important. I'm guessing that, probably, you know you can.

Get your style handled. I won't tell you that looks are everything, like some people will, but I'm also not going to tell that they're nothing , like some other folks will. For getting your style handled, take a few steps like getting a well-fitting, fashionable outfit or two for when you head out to meet women; even if you only have one really good combination of clothing if you're out fairly often, you should be getting compliments on items like your jacket, shirt, jeans, shoes, accessories, etc.

Get a fashionable haircut from a good salon in your town, and get some cool facial hair , and you'll be well on your way. Become a sexy man. Along with getting your style handled, this is something I consider "passive value;" in other words, it's something that, once you've got it set, you don't have to actively monitor or think about or do anything about it; you just get points for having it handled.

Sexiness is partly your appearance, partly your body language, partly your eye contact and facial expressions, partly your voice tone, and partly the words you use -- or don't use. There's a lot to it, and it takes time to get set, but once you've got it set it's all automatic points added to your desirability score. This is probably the slowest one to work on and implement when it comes to making women want you, but it's one of the most important.

See the post linked to for more details on how to go about redesigning yourself as a man women describe as "sexy. I've discussed eye contact flirting on here before, but this is something more than that. Much unlike the folks who'll tell you to keep things indirect and neutral, I'm going to tell you to actually gaze at women as though you want them -- to look at them with dreamy, liquid eyes that they can lose themselves in.

You reassure them you feel that way, freeing them to feel that way By helping women lower their guards around you and see you as a sexual man, you allow them to feel the same way back toward you without fearing that their attraction will go unreciprocated. Use the bored look. Just because you're looking at a girl with dreamy eyes some of the time doesn't mean you look at her that way all of the time.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that when women are treating you well and being interesting and working hard to invest in you and the interaction and build rapport and tell you about themselves, you want to reward them with a desirous gaze; but , when they're being difficult or unfocused or distant, you'll want to discourage this behavior -- by getting bored and distant yourself.

The bored look lets you communicate to women that you aren't going to sit around and chase -- you're only going to be interested if she's doing things to work with you and move it all forward.

Lots of guys pursue women and try their best to communicate to women that they're interested, even when these women are being aloof or difficult, which sends the wrong message entirely. You want women knowing that getting to know you is a two-way street -- you'll invest if they are, but you don't chase women and won't for them if they start pulling away. Get investment. You should be getting investment from women throughout the course of an interaction with them.

This can take the form of basic compliance, like having them give you their hands or a sip of their drinks or coffees or teas, or more complex compliance, like asking them to move with you or tell you about their dreams and goals.

The reason why investment makes women want you down to an intrinsic psychological process that underlies how human beings perceive and interact with the world: stated directly, we tend to invest in the things we value, and we tend to value the things we invest. The more she invests in you in conjunction with our next point , the more valuable she'll perceive you being. Give her progress. One of the big reasons why I so frequently prescribe that men move faster with women is because you need her to feel like there's forward momentum in the interaction to avoid having her start feeling overinvested if you're getting a lot of investment from her.

Said another way, if you reach a point where a girl's followed you around and told you all kinds of things about herself that she doesn't tell anyone else and she's made it resoundingly clear to you that she really, really likes you, and then you just keep sitting there with her and don't invite her home and don't try and move things forward enough that she feels rewarded and appreciated and desired for all the work she's put in, she's going to begin feeling like she's wasting her time, like she's flapping in the wind, like she's put herself out there and looks like a fool because her level of interest is not being reciprocated.

Moving fast isn't just about you getting the girl because you want her. Moving fast is also about you keeping progress and momentum in an interaction so that a woman feels her continued investment is being recognized, appreciated, and reciprocated.

The Psychology of Attraction

In this article, I will be teaching you how to get a girl to like you from 10 psychological tricks you can implement. Making a girl attracted to you can be as easy as having an amazing life and asking her to join, but there are many other seduction techniques and persuasion methods to make her want to be your girlfriend. By the end of reading this, you should have your crush drooling to date you.

Updated: February 14, References. Making a girl want you back can be a challenge -- especially if your relationship ended on a bad note. However, if you know that you have an unbelievable connection, then it'll be worth it to pick up those soggy embers and try to rekindle that old flame.

The only way to make your girlfriend want you more, is to show her that you are able to give her want she needs. Knowing that you are capabale of giving her everything she desires, makes you the perfect boyfriend. However, most guys make one of these mistake, which will slowly but surely make her loose interest in you. Read Next: Signs that your Girlfriend is cheating.

How To Make A Girl Crazy For You

As a single mother who re-entered the dating scene in my early 30s, I encountered my fair share of men who wanted me to like them, and on paper, I should have. They were good-looking and could correctly punctuate a sentence. Some were even doctors, lawyers, or businessmen. Here are some things you can employ to make a woman crazy for you instead of all those other guys who may be filling up her inbox. Unfortunately for you, people probably tell her that all the time. I personally was much more willing to see again the guy who complimented me for my strong work-ethic than the one who told me at least fifteen times in one night that I looked great. Women want to know that we are heard.

How To Make A Woman Want You Sexually!

Ever find yourself wondering just how to make the women you want want you? The truth is, making women want you isn't as Herculean an undertaking as you might think from watching TV and the movies. You don't have to win a race, or make a million dollars, or give yourself a makeover although if you can, don't let me stop you! But you do need to have somewhat of an idea of what you're doing -- of what women need -- and of how best to give it to them.

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You really want to know how to make her want you, but you have no idea what will bring her to you. Nobody said dating was like sitting on a couch watching TV and munching on a Snickers bar! Sometimes the exact thing that you think may be helping you is not helping at all. My hope is that I can share with you all some ways to easily make her want you more, without you seeming too desperate.

How To Make Your Girlfriend Want You More

Updated: October 28, References. Getting a girl to pay attention and like you can be hard enough -- becoming her obsession is even trickier. To make a girl become obsessed with you, get into her brain and her heart by being her hero, minding your looks, making her laugh, and making her feel special.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How To Make Her Want You More And More!!!

To make a woman want to have sex with you, the first and most obvious thing that you need to do is make her feel sexually attracted to you. For example:. At The Modern Man, I teach guys how to make women feel attracted to them in more than different ways and I provide tested, proven to work examples of exactly what to say and do for each way of attracting women. The more ways that you are able to make a woman feel attracted to you when interacting with her, the more intense her sexual desire will be. Those are just two of more than different ways that you can make a woman feel sexually attracted to you. When interacting with a woman for 5 minutes, you can easily set off 5, 10, 15 or even 20 different attraction triggers.

5 Ways to Make a Woman Want to Have Sex With You


Apr 23, - Much like you can be initially interested in someone and their actions dissuade you from continuing after a few days, how to make a woman fall.


Making Women Want You Made Easy: 10 Killer Tips







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