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Male partner preference

Either your web browser doesn't support Javascript or it is currently turned off. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Read article at publisher's site DOI : Bronstein PM. Behav Processes , pt 2 , 03 Feb Cited by 5 articles PMID:

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Social partner preferences of male and female fighting fish (Betta splendens).

Either your web browser doesn't support Javascript or it is currently turned off. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Read article at publisher's site DOI : Bronstein PM.

Behav Processes , pt 2 , 03 Feb Cited by 5 articles PMID: Physiol Behav , , 09 Aug Cited by: 0 articles PMID: Behav Brain Res , , 06 Aug Cited by 3 articles PMID: Anim Cogn , 14 4 , 16 Mar Cited by 25 articles PMID: Behav Processes , 81 1 , 09 Mar Cited by 2 articles PMID: To arrive at the top five similar articles we use a word-weighted algorithm to compare words from the Title and Abstract of each citation. Behav Processes , 80 2 , 19 Nov Cited by 6 articles PMID: J Comp Psychol , 98 4 , 01 Dec Cited by 4 articles PMID: Gen Comp Endocrinol , 2 , 13 Feb Cited by 18 articles PMID: Physiol Behav , 83 2 , 01 Nov Cited by 24 articles PMID: Prog Clin Biol Res , , 01 Jan Coronavirus: Find the latest articles and preprints.

Europe PMC requires Javascript to function effectively. Recent Activity. Recent history Saved searches. Abstract Available from publisher site using DOI. A subscription may be required. Snekser JL ,. McRobert SP ,. Clotfelter ED. Affiliations All authors 1. Share this article Share with email Share with twitter Share with linkedin Share with facebook. In this study, we presented male and female Betta with a single male, a single female, and a group of three females in dichotomous choice tests in order to better understand basic social interactions in this largely nonsocial species.

The highly territorial Betta preferred associating with conspecifics in nearly every configuration we tested, with exceptions noted when single females were given the choice between a lone male and an empty chamber, and when males were presented with a single female and an empty chamber. Also, in most tests, the fish chose to spend more time with the larger group of females. The motivation for this preference certainly varied from reproductive to anti-predator.

While such behavior might not suggest true shoaling behavior, it does demonstrate a subtle degree of sociality.

Aggressive behavior among females of Siamese fighting fish, Betta splendens Braddock Physiol. Commitments to aggression and nest sites in male Betta splendens. Onset of combat in male Betta splendens Bronstein J. Predictors of dominance in male Betta splendens. Sensitization of escape in female Betta splendens Bronstein Aggres.

Social organization and the maintenance of aggressive behavior in community-housed male Siamese fighting fish Betta splendens Cain Anim. Eavesdropping and mate choice in female fighting fish Doutrelant Behaviour. The effect of an audience on intrasexual communication in male Siamese fighting fish, Betta splendens Doutrelant Behav.

Observations on the establishment of a stable community of adult male and female Siamese fighting fish Betta splendens Goldstein Anim. Show 10 more references 10 of Smart citations by scite. The number of the statements may be higher than the number of citations provided by EuropePMC if one paper cites another multiple times or lower if scite has not yet processed some of the citing articles.

Explore citation contexts and check if this article has been supported or contradicted. Numerical abilities in fish: A methodological review. Individual boldness traits influenced by temperature in male Siamese fighting fish. Spontaneous discrimination of small quantities: shoaling preferences in angelfish Pterophyllum scalare. Shoaling preferences of two common killifish Fundulus heteroclitus and F. The effect of body coloration and group size on social partner preferences in female fighting fish Betta splendens.

Agonistic and reproductive interactions in Betta splendens. Male ketotestosterone levels change as a result of being watched in Siamese fighting fish, Betta splendens. Sexual partner preference, hypothalamic morphology and aromatase in rams.

Ethological analysis of amphetamine action on social behavior in squirrel monkeys Saimiri sciureus. This website requires cookies, and the limited processing of your personal data in order to function.

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Conditioned partner preference in male and female rats for a somatosensory cue.

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Female partner preferences enhance offspring ability to survive an infection

In the decade since the publication of the last edition, the study of reproductive physiology has undergone monumental changes. Chief among these advances are in the areas of stem cell development, signaling pathways, the role of inflammation in the regulatory processes in the various tissues, and the integration of new animal models which have led to a greater understanding of human disease. The new edition synthesizes all of this new information at the molecular, cellular, and organismal levels of organization and present modern physiology a more understandable and comparative context. Tony M. Plant studied for his PhD with Dr. Richard P. Michael in London and completed his postdoctoral training with Dr. Ernst Knobil in Pittsburgh in Since then, his research has been continuously funded by the National Institutes of Health NIH to study non-human primate models in order to better understand human reproduction. Plant has been particularly interested in the neurobiology of puberty onset, the neuroendocrine control of the menstrual cycle and testis, the endocrine control of spermatogenesis and, most recently, in the cell and molecular biology underlying spermatogonial differentiation.

14 Awesome Partner Preference Samples For Men & Women

Neuronal Correlates of Empathy: From Rodent to Human explores the neurobiology behind emotional contagion, compassionate behaviors and the similarities in rodents and human and non-human primates. The book provides clear and accessible information that avoids anthropomorphisms, reviews the latest research from the literature, and is essential reading for neuroscientists and others studying behavior, emotion and empathy impairments, both in basic research and preclinical studies. Though empathy is still considered by many to be a uniquely human trait, growing evidence suggests that it is present in other species, and that rodents, non-human primates, and humans share similarities. Her research focuses on the lack of empathy in mouse models of autism.

No eBook available Frontiers E-books Amazon. Thirty years ago, the group of Baulieu and colleagues discovered that certain steroid hormones were present in higher amounts in the brain than in the plasma, and also found that suppression of circulating steroids by adrenalectomy and castration did not affect the concentration of pregnenolone, dehydroepiandrosterone and their sulfate esters in the rat brain.

Metrics details. It is often suggested that mate choice enhances offspring immune resistance to infectious diseases. To test this hypothesis, we conducted a study with wild-derived house mice Mus musculus musculus in which females were experimentally mated either with their preferred or non-preferred male, and their offspring were infected with a mouse pathogen, Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium.

Neonatal Programming of Adult Partner Preference in Male Rats

Estradiol, derived from aromatization fo testosterone T , is essential during a critical period around the time of birth for masculinization and defeminization of adult sexual behavior in male rats e. Baum, The role of estradiol in organizing adult sexual orientation, as indicated by partner preference behavior, has received relatively little attention Adkins-Regan,

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Research supports a modulatory role for arginine vasopressin AVP in the expression of socially motivated behaviors in mammals. The acute effects of AVP administration are demonstrably pro-social across species, providing the justification for an ever-increasing measure of clinical interest over the last decade. Combining these results with non-invasive intranasal delivery results in an attractive system for offering intranasal AVP IN-AVP as a therapeutic for the social impairments of children with autism spectrum disorder. We found increases in fecal boli production during open field and novel object recognition testing for the medium dose in both males and females. Medium-dose females also had significantly more play bouts than control when exposed to novel conspecifics during the juvenile period.

Writing about your partner preference in your marriage biodata can be tricky. We lined up 14 expertly written.

Here, we asked whether a somatosensory cue, a rodent jacket, could act as a discrete cue to establish a conditioned partner choice CPC. On the final test, each experimental male or female was placed into an open field with two sexually receptive partners, one jacketed and the other unjacketed. A trend was found for more males to ejaculate first with jacketed females relative to the unjacketed females, whereas the females had no preference.







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